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Extreme Long Range - 212 yards is a good start

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First I have to acknowledge those who lead the way. So here's to Carl (World Long Distance Air Gun Record Holder), Cedric (who has inspired many air gunners with his great videos) and Doug (whose expertise makes extreme air gunning possible): my hat's off to all of you.

I'm sure there are others out there who go the distance. So far my furthest targets hit have been at 547 yards. So why did I pick 212 yards as a starting point? Well I go to a range that has silhouette targets at various distances, and the chicken at 212 is the first target past 100 yards that I hit.

So I figure if I'm going to start a thread titled Extreme Long Range I better speak from experience. I'm hoping to find out who else shoots Extreme Long Range.

Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there? Just write if you can read me. Does anyone else want to come along?

I'm hoping this thread inspires others to join the fun!

I hear you UncleDevo way to go on the 212 shot
is that a .257 that your using .

Yes. .257 it is. It is the same caliber Carl set the world long distance air gun record with: my 547 yard shots look paltry compared to some of his shooting. His longest shots: 5 rounds on a 39" target @ 1065 yards. Check out his videos on YouTube: his screen name is verybigrifle

What got me started down this path was Veral Smith of Lead Bullets Technology sending me a link to Carl's video "Soda Cans @ 700 yds-Airgun+Full Range View"

.257 is the sweet spot for air rifle. The slugs weigh enough to have carry, but are small enough not to have too much drag.

Cedric "TOFAZFOU" makes great videos of his hunting exploits with his .257 Talon Dor.

Doug "DYOTAT" makes the hammer valve and spring that makes this possible.

Hope this helps. If 300+ yards is all you want R&L airgun can get you there with a 32" barrel. The shots on the pig at 337 yards were done using my gun as it came from them with the addition of a Hatsan Air Stripper, weights, and Limbsaver anti-vibration ring.

Great looking gun you got there Ainsworth if I may ask
what bottle are you using and where did you get it and
what thread count is on the bottle .

Here is the project I've been working on my Air Ranger 80 extreme
it has a TJ .243 barrel and shooting the Rat Snipe slug at 1006 fps
it does seem to be accurate although the range card needs more work
at the 150-170 range I use this gun with a regulated bottle at 3,600 PSI
it is very quiet .


I don't know the thread count. It fits the valve for the AirForce Condor.

The Air Ranger you have looks like a good project.  I wear earplugs: my gun has a report and guys who shoot .308 firearms show up at the range. I like Macks earplugs: inexpensive and q u i e t ...very quiet when inserted correctly per their instructions. Make sure the cord goes behind your head so it doesn't snag and pull them out, and remove per instructions cause doing it wrong may be bad for the ear drum.


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