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Adjustable scope rings for distance

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Need some advice on scope setting. I bought a set  of Burris Signature zee rings. It came with 10+ AND 10- as well as a set of zero shims. Trying to set this scope up correctly one time. I installed them on a Vulcan .22 using a BSA 4X14-X44 FFL scope. Question is this. If I set scope up with zero inserts I am 10" low at 20 yards. If I put the 10+ and 10- in I can get it within 4" shooting low. That takes a full turn of the turrent to get it up to poa at only 20 yards. I want to use all of my scope settings for distance, I do not want to have to use much vertical adjustment just to get rifle to zero at pop. If I understand this correctly, that means I am off about a half miles at 100 yards. (at least 50 inches)  I have also seen the FX No LIMIT rings that Ted likes so much. Does this make sense, meaning am I going in the right direction. Thanks for any input you have!

I should have mentioned I have a 30 mm scope tube. I am told that Burris makes many inserts for the 1" but only the 10's and 0" for the 30 mm!!

bubba zanetti:
Yep, Burris, but also:

Sun Optics and FX No Limits rings.

The Sun Optics work but are a pain to adjust IMO. The FX rings are expensive but very, very nice. I have them on my BAM-50.


FX No Limits scope rings are worth what they cost. Before I had them I was using Kentucky elevation at 337 yards. Using them I'm on target at 547 yards.

don't bother with adjustable rings like the fx rings . Get the HHA dial adjustable scope  mount . You can dial in your zero at 100 200 300 400 500yards and know where each zero is because there is a bar and you mark on the blank  tape  next to the bar. The fx rings don't have a way for you to know where your at and how to get back to that same zero . but with the dial you know where your zero is .   I have a springer so I have the one they make for cross bows its cheaper and it doesn't matter that the dial is on the right side  . if you think your bolt action won't get in the way you can use the cheaper cross bow HHA like this one  I have seen this on on ebay for 150.00. Its solid with no movement at all. the point of impact does not change . I have had this on my hatsan 125 22 cal sniper springer for a year now and I really like it . You can make marks on the blank tape in 1 yard increments if you want to   from as close as your scope will let you till you run out of dial. I'm out to 100 yards and the dial is  just turned a small amount. If you put your scopes u/d  cross hair so they are optically centered  when you set your zero on the dial  at say 300 yards your your not adjusting the turrets. your looking at the target through the lens with the tube straight on so you set a better sight picture ,so you can hit what your aiming at . If your not planning on moving your tilt once you have it set then the fx rings are great . but if your planning on using the gun for close up like 10 yards and long distance like 500 yards and your going back and forth the get the HAA . I don't know how far I can turn the dial and still set a zero with my 22 cal 950 fps gun using a 14.5 pellet but I will let you know if you to find out . I'm working on finding out just how far I can get a zero with the dial and not adjust the scope at all . If your 10 inches low at 20 yards you should get the  weaver 20 moa base    this will let your scope be  at your optical center and be close to dead on at 20 yards . What this does is it angles your scope down  closer to where your pellet is hitting so you don't have to adjust your turrets as much to get  your cross hairs there . It okay if when you put the 20 mao on and your pellet is hitting higher on your cross hair at 20 yards  your not using that direction for distance anyways  and it will lit you shoot farther distances  with your scope . But believe me with the hha mounted and your pellet is hitting low you don't adjust your scope at all you just turn the dial down a little and mark it on the tape where the cross hair is dead on at 20 yards. But the weaver 20 mao is a cheaper way to go if your not planning on shooting much over 100 yards .


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