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Do you live in MASS?



Unsure but I think this is AIRGUNS TOO!!


Hi my friend
Unfortunetly that bill does include airguns as well.
I have been trying to get the word out to everyone.
I spent most of my time at shot show talking to people about this bill
Any help we can get would be appreciated.
All I know is if it happens here it will can and will happen anywhere this affects all of us.


bubba zanetti:
dcorvino (Dave) has been posting here and on the Airgun Guild getting air gunners aware of this legislation along with a petition you can sign too.

Appreciate the his passion for this and keeping us posted.


Two other threads already started on this. Although VERY important, please keep additional posts in these threads that are already started. That keeps these threads alive and at the top of the list.
VERY important to the airgun community!!!!

C&P from Dave (dcorvino)

Good news to share. Due to all the feedback the representatives have been receiving they have decided to kick the bill to the Judiciary Committee for further review. This means the bill did not pass today however this fight is not over. This means that a little more time has been bought to get together some more information and look at the bill once again.
If you would like to post please do if not let me know where
This is not over but it's a good start I hope



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