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Big Bore Air Gun Hunting in Maine

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FredSG and other Mainers.

I was talking to the game warden, Jim Davies, from up our area (he's based out of the Enfield office)
I showed him my Evanix RS2 .357 and R&L .257 condor.  Both are legal for hunting.
The only gotcha is that the Evanix has a 7 round magazine.  only 5 round mags are legal.
He is going to double check with the powers to be to see if there may be an exception to this rule.
But it looks like I''ll need to use this as either a single shot, or modify one of my mags by permanently blocking 2 of the bullet/pellet positions. The R&L is a single shot so no problem there.  I'd have the same problem if I took my FX Wildcat out for small game hunting. I'd have to modify a magazine for it.

I had not seen this before, under FAQ for airguns:

"New air rifles are just as powerful as a single shot firearm" and it includes the pic comparison of various calibers that suggest game taken, eg big bore and large game. Certainly seems to support in writing, what Dave has found. This is pretty great.


Great post!
I am glad to hear hunting with air is legal!

-Fritz in Westbrook


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