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[1] Western Airguns Rattler .30 Semi-Auto Big Bore Airgun - 80 grain slugs

[2] BARRA 1100Z .22 PCP - Do you need to spend a ton of $$ for 100 Yard Accuracy?

[3] Niksan Escalade T .22 Caliber Tactical - Max Shot Count and Optimal Pressure

[4] Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter .25 Which stock shoots best for me?

[5] JTS Airacuda Max .30 Cal W/ ATN Optics - Range time shooting Steel Targets

[6] JTS Airacuda Max .30 Cal Unboxing - JTS Regulated BIG BORE airgun!

[7] Avenge-X Classic .177 Testing some Pellets and Slugs. Letís see how this goes!

[8] Avenge-X Classic .177 First Shots. This gets how many shots out of the box??

[9] Avenge-X Unboxing! The Avenge-X Classic is Here! Air Venturi delivers


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