What to do with inaccurate P-Rod?

Author Topic: What to do with inaccurate P-Rod?  (Read 546 times)

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Re: What to do with inaccurate P-Rod?
« Reply #20 on: March 21, 2017, 12:22:22 AM »
One other thought. Do you think shooting hard pellets out of it, like JSB GTOs, which it shoots well, would speed the polishing of the bore?
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Re: What to do with inaccurate P-Rod?
« Reply #21 on: March 21, 2017, 12:47:26 AM »
Jeremy, I can appreciate that you're not interested in fixing Crosman's QC issues but it might be worth checking for rifling damage at the crown...not the crown itself but the rifling near the muzzle.   

See the picture in this thread http://www.gatewaytoairguns.org/GTA/index.php?topic=110179

Because if the barrel has this sort of damage, you can put aside any efforts of trying different pellets and other potential remedies, and go straight to Crosman to make it right.  I sincerely hope they are not still shipping this trash but it's worth a look.

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Re: What to do with inaccurate P-Rod?
« Reply #22 on: March 21, 2017, 01:10:12 AM »
it is one of crosmans higher end guns but still cheap in the repeater pcp category so keep that in perspective. 
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Re: What to do with inaccurate P-Rod?
« Reply #23 on: March 21, 2017, 01:26:59 AM »
Well guys, I read through this thread a few times now, and the recurring theme seems to be that Crosman is not doing a good job on the barrels on P-Rods. Flaws at the breech, crown, unfinished rifling, which leads to it getting dirty quickly.

My instinct is to return it and get a 1720T or stand by and think about whether I consider it worth another $150 investment.
Concur wholeheartedly regarding what Jason said about inside the muzzle of the barrel.  Take a photo, send it to Crosman, have them ship you a new barrel.

There's another option if you're looking for a pistol that is just a pistol, not a mini-carbine.  The SPA PP700 pistol has plenty of accuracy for pests.  I drilled several sparrows at longer ranges, and took 2 squirrels in rapid succession despite being a single shot.  Mine was not pellet sensitive.  And at 25 yards I was cutting cloverleafs with 4 pellets.  MRodAir sells them.. $200... or buy overseas for equivalent.  If you read the last couple pages, Donny (Rallyshark) has a great write-up, and I suspect David (Rocker1) may be selling some aftermarket goodies in the not-too-distant future to spruce it up and make it more hushy.

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