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Shop updates
« on: January 06, 2017, 11:25:28 AM »
A couple of recent projects:

ambidextrous Gen1 Marauder:

FX Cyclone/Webley Spectre:

At the beginning of 2016 I spent four months designing (in SolidWorks) and now 8 months building a giant 5 axis CNC router that will carve 3 stocks at a time.  My goal was to have the mechanical aspects of the machine functional by the end of the year, which I accomplished with only a few days to spare.  I don't really want to publish it, but if you find me in chat I'll share a bit of video I shot the night it was finally completed.  Now I'm working on the ballscrews and stepper motors installations, which will probably take a couple of months, then installing the water cooled spindle motors (the routers that will do the carving), then the computer hook ups.  I have no way to judge how long it might take (and I do have to work for money while I'm at it...web continue to fund the project).  I'm hoping by summer I'll be carving with the new machine.

I'm hoping the machine will allow me to do production runs for manufacturers, and be more efficient when doing one off custom work.  I'll probably find more work in the firearm world, but it'd be great if the airgun market kept me busy enough I didn't have to go there.  I have much more an affinity for airguns than for the low tech brute force of powder burners.

I'll post about it elsewhere, but I've also been gearing up for marketing the Pacific Airgun Expo March 25-26 2017:

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GTA - What's been your success with air gun target practice?