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Crosman-Benjamin Air Gun Gate / Decreasing 1322 valve volume
« Last post by Smokehogan on Today at 06:54:10 AM »
I've read that people here decrease the volume on their 13XX valves?  I pump 20 times to hit 630 fps and was wondering if I decrease the valve volume, can I still hit over 600 fps with maybe say 15? less pumps the better lol.  And If anyone here has done this, how do you do it? and is it effective?
Crosman-Benjamin Air Gun Gate / Re: Crosman 1400 Rebuild
« Last post by longhunter on Today at 06:51:05 AM »
Got home this morning and after installment one of my daily sleep I took my coffee out to look at the results so far. I did the steel wool rub and was pleased with the way it looked right there. I really don't like the deep glassy look for these older guns. So I hit it with the orange glo and polished it up. Then I did a little mock up to see how things were looking. I have yet to begin on the metal. I've decided to go black. Here's what we got so far...

Nice job, ya ol' fart.  ;D
One of these days, I'll get around to refinishing the 140 I got off you.
Crosman-Benjamin Air Gun Gate / Re: Here fir 1322 mods
« Last post by Smokehogan on Today at 06:46:46 AM »
Hi Smokehogan I was wondering how many pumps it takes you to hit 600fps with that alchemy RP valve and no replacement piston. I'm trying to hit 600fps with a 1377 and trying to decide if I should get the alchemy RP valve and leave the piston stock, or go with the full alchemy flat top valve and piston combo for extra $. Thanks!

It takes me 20 pumps to hit 630 fps with 16 gr H&N hornets. I also have a tiny leak somehwere and can hear air hissing when pumping.  Mine is also a 1322 though.  I've had that RP valve from alchemy and its cool but the volume is really increased with that valve if thats what you want.  I occasionally hunt with my 1322 so I wanted less pumps to reach high fps.  I've now switched to a FTP setup from a different vendor (forget who) and that's what I've stuck with. Stock valve just Flat top. You can definitely hit 600 fps with that RP valve but itll be more pumps.  If I remember correctly I was getting close to 30 pumps with that valve! My bigget changing factor was barrel length I would say.
German AirGun Gate / Re: HW30S review on Youtube
« Last post by Josan on Today at 05:51:23 AM »
For your purposes you don't need a HW35. There's zero advantage compared to the HW30S and maybe even disadvantages, like heavier weight, longer, too powerful (turn your pellets into leaddust inside the house if your shooting indoors), heavier cocking, more hold sensitive,.......

With sping guns you have to buy the lowest possible power that will suffice for your applications. Anything more brings along all of the drawbacks of springguns. Invest in quality not in power. You won't regret it.
When I had an AT44 22 cal long I did the valve modification which made it more efficient with air use.  I had to regulated it to get the velocity down to 900 fps with 18 gr pellets.   
Hunting Gate / Re: Ground squirrels
« Last post by Tater on Today at 05:35:36 AM »
I've never seen a shrew here (that I know of), what good do they do to keep things under control.
Air Gun Gate / Re: Rubber Mulch
« Last post by Tater on Today at 05:05:22 AM »
I was running some errands today and figured I try to look for some rubber mulch while I was out and about. Tried Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart.....none of these stores had them. Looks like I'll have to call around and dig a little deeper. Any suggestions?

Aldi had it on sale last week for $4.99 a bag. They might still be on sale.
I made a trap this weekend with it. It's heavier than I thought it would be, but it works great.
Thanks guys!  Got it covered both ways.    Good to know Jim has them.   

I was just going to use plumbers telflon tape for the black one.   
It sounds like a great score on the Hatsan RAJOD.  I'm particularly interested in the accuracy when you get around to it, especially as it compares to your Daystate.

Too early to tell, but we did shoot a bunch tonight.  Had to shoot my new Henry .22 Frontier.  (open sight so it was no match for the Hatson at 35 yards)

- 35 yards had some tight groups but with a few flyers.  I only had some JSB 15.9 as those shoot best in my Daystate at like 870 fps.   In the Hatson it starts off too hot at 1040 fps, I did see a few tumblers.  It does not hit below 900 until late in the shot string.  (past 30 shots) 

Once it hits sub 900 its pellet on pellet.   My daystate never shot the JBS 15.9s well at 950 fps, I mean it was good but its super tight at 870 fps. 

- The scope I put on it is a semi broken (by my springer) scope that is drifting.  Will have a better scope on it soon.

So have to order up some JSB 18s and the next weight up.   What ever it takes to bring the FPS to 900 or less.   

Not sure I really need 38 fpe, could go heavy pellets or I'm thinking of adjusting the hammer so its top fps is 900 fps with the 15.9s.  Or around 27-30 fpe.   More shots and more accuracy.  Anyone here tune one down to 30fpe or less?

At 35 yards and closer it really did not loose much accuracy even though I knew the fps was dropping at 45+ shots. 

Something strange happened when we accidentally shot it too low on pressure.   It was probably the 60+ shot (lost track, was having too much fun) I noticed the pellets starting to finally drop.  Looked at the gauge and it was way past the yellow, like on empty.  I went to fill the gun and the air was coming out of the barrel and not filling.

I guess shooting it so low cause the hammer valve to remain open as there was no back pressure from the tank to shut it.   
Just had to shoot it one more time dry and it seemed to shut it.  Was worried but filled fine after that.    Just have to count the shots carefully.   I don't think I've done that before.  Usually I can see the bullets dropping well before it gets that low.
If that did not work, would have just unscrewed the air tube and pull the valve out to close it.

One other thing that I am not sure is normal.   When filling the gun it sort of has a high pitch squeal.  Its not a leak, its more like a resonance from the air going through the check valve.  Does not seem to hurt anything and it might be normal for Hatsans.   Anyone know?

All I can say right now is it has a daystate like zone when its under 900 fps with those light pellets.   

As soon as we get the heavier pellets and new scope I will have a better idea.

I do like the gun, it has some nice features.   Like if I want to work on the gun I can just unscrew the airtube set it aside and I know its safe.  With my brocock or regal I would have to waste all the air and fill from 0 barr.    Not a huge deal because I'm not really a modder (yet), this gun sort of makes you want to tweak.  Its easier to work on. 

Took apart the moderator to see what was inside.   I figured it would be full of the dollar store pink plastic curlers.   Nope,  actually well made black (no pink) plastic baffles with a white wrap with 2 stainless steal baffles.   Did not look too cheap and does a nice job on the noise. 

I really like the clips, so simple yet sturdy.   Have never had a double pellet issue (which has been done many times on my daystate) Marked the clips with a red marker to show with the 10 shots are done.  So far no 11th shot dry fires.  Even though my daystate has a red dot its on the side so I still dry fire the 11th pellet losing count sometimes.   The clip is big enough in the Hatsan where you can see the red mark and know 10 shots are up.  Yes its not as fancy but its effective.

Next time
- accuracy with heavier pellets
- New scope
- maybe dial the power down too.

Should be fun messing around with the settings.

So far no regrets. 
Centerpoint 4-16x40ao.   Centerpoint 3x32.  Utg high 11mm mounts.
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