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That's cuz Crosman sends them to Walmart on a pallet.... single boxed. And Walmart don't shive a git bout me and you.
Big Bore AirGun Gate / Epox Badger: Phase 2
« Last post by Samoset on Today at 09:33:51 PM »
Do me a favor though.  This is gonna put you on the spot.  Don't get the gun after waiting all this time, then disappear and tell us all you got too busy (all of a sudden) to post...........LMBO.  I wanna see some post.  So many people have the gun and they have all but disappeared.  Except 1 or 2 of us that is........

Well Cedric now that i have had the rifle a little while here we are.

I decided to let my original thread die and compile what i have learned and any new information here,

Original Thread

Great work! Should make accuracy easier for you, though it looks like you are doing great anyway.  :D
Bargain Gate / Re: MRodAir Varmints Price Drop
« Last post by avator on Today at 09:31:36 PM »
Paul... why ya sellin the Plinkster? If ya don't mind me askin? If it was .177 we might be talkin. Been thinking bout gettin one for BL.
Back Room / Re: Help for a GTA family!!!
« Last post by bnowlin on Today at 09:29:36 PM »
Travis, I guess I'm stupid or is this your Mom or their Grandma we are talking about here.
Its my wifes Mother, everyone calls her grandma.

K see text
Welcome to the GTA.  :)
I took another look at the trigger tonight.

After my earlier work on it, I felt that I had things polished pretty well, So I got to thinking about that large sear/safety spring and something that I had read in one of Bob S's posts about making a slight change to the geometry of that spring.

As per his recommendation, I removed it and with pencil and paper traced the angle of the arms.  Then using just my hands, gently pushed the ends of the arms towards each other.  There was a warning in the post about overdoing it and making the sear unsafe or rendering the safety useless, so I was conservative.  Lining it back up with my tracing, the arm had moved around 3 to 4mm or so - not much at all. Good enough to test.

Threw it all back together and cocked the bolt - so far so good, it would cock, Check..  I engaged the safety, and pulled the trigger, no discarge- Check.  I disengaged the safety and bumped and slapped the gun from every angle and orientation to test the sear engagement -  no discharge. Check.

Pulled out the Fancy New Cheapskate Trigger Gauge, and gave it a go.....2.1lbs -  a very nice improvement!  Repeated over a dozen or so trials, all 2.1lbs.  That makes it a full pound lighter than my last effort.

Taking it in hand and pulling the trigger with my finger, it is really nice and light. Really looking forward to getting out with it and seeing what we can do together.
Welcome New Members / Re: Introduction
« Last post by mudduck48 on Today at 09:28:39 PM »
Welcome to the GTA.  :)
Bargain Gate / Re: MRodAir Varmints Price Drop
« Last post by PaulT58 on Today at 09:28:38 PM »
Thanks for the heads up!  Ordered a CP-1M.  Now...can I refrain from ordering a Varmint????

Nah, that Varmint is awesome!  You need at least one of each!  Or, if you're Chickie, a half dozen of each!  LOL!
Welcome New Members / Re: Howdy, I'm new here
« Last post by mudduck48 on Today at 09:28:03 PM »
Welcome to the GTA.  :)
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