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The GatewayToAirguns Forums is an internationally known and recognized airgun forum consisting of members from all over the world. It was initiated by both Gene Curtis and Bob Werner aka: CharlieDaTuna and/or CDT. Bob is the creator of the GRT-III, GRT-4 trigger and the CBR trigger, a renown airgun tuner and is also the creator and owner of the website. Besides being the owner and co-founder of the GTA forum, Gene Curtis Owner of the GTA, also a well known airgun tuner and creator of the GRS NP and XL Bushing Kits. The GTA forum was started in May of 2005 and has grown to what is now believed to be the second largest airgun forum on the internet.

The forum consists of a number of divisions and sub-divisions referred to as “Gates” that include the Airgun Gate that is informational for airguns in general, Gamo gate referring to Gamo Airguns, China Gate referring to Chinese Airguns, Crosman Airguns and Benjamin Airguns Gate, a gate for Airgun Mods, an Airgun Classified section, an Airgun Hunting Gate as well as a Target Shooting and Target Match Gate and more. There is even an Airgun Library and an Airgun Mall, an Airgun Photo Gallery even an Airgun Arcade and a Back Room for off topic discussions.

The information on the GTA forums covers practically all types of airguns including single pump airguns, multi pump airguns, springer airguns, and air pistols. There is airgun tuning information, and airgun modification information. There is information regarding PCP airguns, Hp airguns, HPA airguns and Co2 airguns, even some Big Bore info.

Guns included in discussion might include Crosman, Benjamin, Gamo, Remington, Stoeger, B-26, B40, B26, B-19, B-50, B-21, Webley, RWS, Xisico, Daisy, Air Arms, Chinese Airguns, Hammerli, Beeman, BSA, FWB, IZH, Norica, Walther, Winchester, Sheridan, Umarex, Mendoza, Shin Sung, Marksman, Evanix and AirForce and Tech Force, Hatsan Arms airguns to name a few.

The discussions cover all aspects of airguns information run from pellet weights, calibers, their types and uses to airgun comparisons, airgun velocities, airgun fpe, airgun fps, what gun to buy, airgun safety, airgun hunting, airgun maintenance, airgun repair, trigger information and servicing.

Bottom line, the GTA forum has something for anyone interested in airguns and wanting airgun information or to share airgun information.

Thank you
Bob and Gene….
Bob aka CDT Co-Founder of the GatewayToAirguns Forums
Gene Curtis Owner of the GatewayToAirguns Forums

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